Rhapsody In Red

A life-long artist, Kara Findley Gladish began working with acrylics in 2012. She has shown paintings at the Propylaeum in downtown Indianapolis and debuted at the 2014 Broad Ripple Art Fair’s Emerging Artist area. Her technique constantly evolves but always reflects exuberant creativity. She begins with a concept and colors in mind but allows her paintings to take their own direction, liberated by the freedom of the abstract genre. Her Impressionist-style brushwork pieces are full of movement, while her palette knife works reveal depth and passion. Major influencers of Kara’s art include Joan Mitchell, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh.

Kara grew up in Indianapolis and attended Indiana University in Bloomington. She lived in Key West, Florida for two years, drawing inspiration from the area’s vivacious spirit and its natural surroundings as reflected in her interpretations of skies, flowers, and water. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. When she’s not painting, she does marketing consulting and enjoys traveling, biking, reading, and laughing with friends. Through her art, she aspires to share her passion for life. 

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