For Sale!

Thank you for having at least some interest in buying our stuff! If you’d like to come over and see anything, please text or call Kara at 317-502-8040. Hey, it’s not that far of a trip. I’ll try to keep this page updated based on what is no longer available.


Comfy Modern Patterned Sectional Couch ($275)
This black and brown sofa has a modern, Southwestern style, diamond pattern. For being in the family for a number of years (we are the original owners), it’s in pretty good condition, though it does have some fading from sunlight. It is 8′ wide, the long part is 70″, the seated part is 3′ deep, and the couch is 27″ high (though the pillows are a bit higher). It comes with 2 matching black pillows. “Matching” as in, they are made of the same black fabric. The cushions have just been washed, and the rest of the couch has been vacuumed!

2014-12-07 12.45.06






Classic Wooden Night Stand ($30)
This night stand was originally from Pier 1 and has a nice medium wooden color. The drawer pull is a sleek, weathered copper-looking one from Target as of a few years ago (matches the dresser), though I can include the original, slightly smaller, weathered brass pull, too. Except for a couple small scratches it’s in great shape. It is 31″ tall and 11.5″ square on the top, with one drawer. 

2014-12-11 10.30.45








Like something? Text or call Kara at 317-502-8040. Make an offer and get some great stuff while helping a fellow Edgewater resident prepare to move.

Folding Wooden Dining Table ($100)
This table has two large folding leaves for versatility. When both are folded in, it is 44″ wide by 29″. When both are folded out, it is 73″ long and can easily sit 8 people. Or just one leaf can be out for a length of 51.” This is how it is in the picture. It is 29″ tall. There are some water stains on the surface, as well as some glitter from the previous owners, but it’s a beautiful, classic, well-made piece. (like the placemats? They’re for sale, too!)

2014-12-01 14.22.07-2







4 White & Wood Windsor Dining Chairs 
These are classic and very pretty, with a unique back detail.

2014-12-11 22.17.26








Toshiba 5-DVD Player with Remote & A/V Cable ($40)
This thing is a beast! Maybe because it has a turn table inside that can fit up to 5 DVDs. I just watched Moulin Rouge on it the other day so I know it works, as does the remote! And we’ll throw in an A/V cable (one of those red/white/yellow dealies).

2014-12-11 23.02.44






Like something? Text or call Kara at 317-502-8040. Make an offer and get some great stuff while helping a fellow Edgewater resident prepare to move!

Black and White Shoji Screen
This is a perfect changing screen, room divider, or accent piece. It is 71″ tall, and each of the 3 panels is 17.5″ wide, for a total width (unfolded) of about 53″. It is in great condition and has been thoroughly dusted for you!

2014-12-07 14.17.18







2 Framed Black & White Photos of Indianapolis
A set by a local photographer. The left one is 17″ x 13″ and the right is 18″ x 12.”







Faux Wood Shelf with Cabinet ($10)
Okay, I didn’t clean our stuff off this one but wasn’t too lazy NOT to take a picture. Laminate wood shelf, 53″ tall, 24″ wide and 9.5″ deep. Some nicks but in good condition. As you can see, it has a cabinet at the bottom with sliding doors. Books and paints not included!

2014-12-11 22.19.51









Assorted Small Kitchen and Household Items!
Starting at only $1! Text or call Kara at 317-502-8040 to see the item and determine a price. These include, but are not limited to: 2014-12-11 21.47.10

• Beanie Babies! (not pictured)
• Glass Digital Scale (not pictured)
• Set of 4 Red Target Kitchen Canisters
• Set of 5 Wine glasses
• Dark Wooden Wine Rack
• Set of 6 Beer Glasses
• Set of 2 Rock Bottom Beer Steins
• Silver Sur La Table Placemats
• Various Kitchen Utensils
• 2-Layer Cake Keeper
• Extension Cords
• Decorative Plates
• Insulated Soft Lunch Box
• Assorted Bowls
• Assorted Coffee Mugs
• Assorted Coasters
• Costume Masks
• Pasta Strainer

SOLD Stainless Steel Toaster
SOLD Chips and Salsa Bowl
SOLD Wii Fit Plus
SOLD Framed Photo of Eiffel Tower

Like something? Text or call Kara at 317-502-8040. Make an offer and get some great stuff while helping a fellow Edgewater resident prepare to move!


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